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Obsidian and Sandalwood Japa Mala 


This exclusive and unique hand-knotted 108 Mala is fair trade authentic obsidian gemstone.

Blessed in Ma Ganga River, Rishikesh India by yours truly with a prayer for peace, wisdom, discernment, and expansion.


Obsidian destroys feelings of resentment and anger and is good for cleaning the liver. It creates balance and grounding with chaotic and disorganized energy in the body.  This powerful stone helps balance energetically the energetic connection in relationships. When meditated with this mala will remind you that you are always protected, Divinely guided, and that peace is available to you when return to your center and ground into the element of earth. 


Sandalwood is a sacred component of ritual malas, and it is specifically said to aid in relaxation and the reduction of excessive thoughts and nervous energy. Malas are known to be symbols of the never-ending cycle of eternity and building a relationship can be incredibly transformational to your meditation experience. 

Japa Mala - Obsidian & Sandalwood

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