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Zero Fucks Given but first Ahimsa

es! By all means…

give Z E R O fucks!

(@housiepants and I threw them out the window somewhere circa 2017)

Be fully YOU.

In all the ways.

but first, dear friend may invite you to do no harm.

A H I M S A - a dynamic state of mind in which power is released

Hello S U R R E N D E R

Hello to allowing everyone to process in their own timing and own expression.

Hello to speaking truth to lies and offering deep grace to pain.

No, I’m not speaking to the experience of being yourself in truth and integrity and how that could potentially trigger someone.

I’m inviting you to explore the roots of your intentions.

Where truth and understanding resides.

Where we make room and grace for error and lies because we know they live in the wounds of the heart. And we know this because some versions

of them live in our hearts too.

May we access them. May we know them. May we learn about and from them. May we transform them into loving awareness. May we shed and bloom again.


We discern.

We practice the power of choice.

We communicate with strength and love.

Over and over and over again.

Each time with more clarity and wisdom.

Be you.

And you, my love, are truth.

Consider this your invitation to step into it.

Into integrity.

Into your Divine Power.

The medicine is potent here.

The mirror bright and clear.

Energy flows effortlessly in this space.

Relationships are healed.

Voices are heard.

Self-love is deepened.

And zero fucks are given in creativity and expression.

Infinite possibility exists in giving zero fucks through a lens of deeply intentioned non-violence and truth.

I am here for it.

To celebrate it in me and in you!

P.S. On a side note, you probably give more fucks than you claim. I know I do. Because we’re human and loving and whole. I see that in me. I see that in you. And I honor it all.

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