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Union: Shiva & Shakti

Without Shakti Shiva cannot fully express

She is the portal

and through her, the experience is manifested.

Redemption sewn through grace.

For both Siva and Shakti can take the opportunity to completely destroy

and likewise, they have the power to create.

It is in their fluid dance that the density of life is formed,

like clay folding and unfolding between their bodies.

While Siva values transcendence,

Shakti embodies dynamic energy.






Balanced U N I O N nourishes.

Centered U N I O N sustains.

Loving U N I O N thrives.

“If Shiva is united with Shakti, he is able to create. If he is not, he is incapable even of stirring.”

The first line of Adi Shankara’s renowned Shakta hymn,

Saundaryalahari (c. 800 CE): “

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