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Sweet Surrender

Surrender is a powerful elixir.

It is a game we play to know more…

to learn, to listen, to experience,

to foster trust,

and fortify the foundation.

Surrender is only truly met in a body, mind a soul deeply rooted and connected to its dominant force.

And this is a process that takes its lovely time.

It creeps into the darkest corners of us and sweeps us clean.

It is not a conquering.

It is not submission.

It won’t give a second glance to manipulation or lies.

Surrender is a gift earned through integrity and consistency.

Ego fears its process wildly and grasps for chaos to still its tender pull.

It is repelled by projection.

It honors practice, patience, and curiosity.

There is a purity to it and yet it is whole and balanced,

and in its highest vibration, it will allow every cell of your body to release in a way your imagination cannot possibly reveal.

A sensation that cannot be captured with language.

This is your invitation to begin your journey… into a safe space of surrender.

An invitation into the ecstatic state of liberation.

- Holly

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