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Shadow. Light. Whole.

I found Breathwork through Sattva Kriya Journey’s with @angiehallyoga 5 years ago.

Practicing powerful breath, meditation, eye gazing and ecstatic dance completely transformed my life from one of deep victimhood and constantly placing blame and seeking validation outside of myself to turning my gaze inward, becoming the observer, taking accountability for my actions and life and building the life of my dreams.

Kriya meditation and movement practices allow me to access an eagle eye view, to embody Garuda and to pan out and see the bigger picture. This lens allowed me to experience a series of ego deaths and dark nights of the soul and become the woman I am today.

My work is far from done… the squeeze still arrives and I now can more readily access a view from above and know that it is all in perfect timing. Infinite possibility lies before me and every single thing is for me.

The Shadow.

The Light.



Nadi Shodhana : Alternate Nostril Breathing

• I D A • NADI

Breath drawn in through the left nostril, honoring the left side of the body, right brain dominance, feminine creative principles. Activating the parasympathetic system and symbolized by the moon.


I am sound. I am free. I am taste. Imagine me. I am a sensory experience.

• P I N G A L A • NADI

Breath drawn in through the right nostril, honoring the right side of the body, left brain dominance, masculine analytical principle. The Solar Channel. The essence of generating heat from within.


I am primal. I am scientist and mathematician. Familiarity is my lover. Strategy pours from me. I know exactly who I am.

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