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Naturopathic Oncology Nurse RN BSN

Naturopathic Oncology Nurse RN BSN with 15 years of nursing experience including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and emotional trauma support.

A gift that fills my life and yet I share much less on this platform.

Possibly because it is such a personal experience for me.

One that often brings me to tears as I witness the trials and triumphs of the journey to whole healing. To work with cancer as a messenger that reveals to us places where we could feed our body, move our body and alchemize our traumas is one of the most challenging pieces of my journey.

I often observe tragic suffering and the totality of bravely held joy in rapid succession throughout the day.

A journey I know I am privileged to walk with my patients. Offering my tears, smiles, strength, sound and skills in every way that I know how.

And so it happens my connections with those I serve in this dimension are some of my most powerful medicines. And as I administer and incredibly challenging chemotherapy procedure called insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) I often play medicine music to both soften and strengthen the heart and subtle body connection in the work ahead.

And one day a woman with whom I share an incredibly strong heart connection with shared this sacred Tree song during her treatment. She shared with me her dreams of us as delicate, playful and mischievous fairies dancing through the forest trees to the vibrant octaves.

And we sang. And we cried. We held tightly to each other's hands. We mourned and celebrated.


Healing and whole.


I am

I am a tree

Tall and free

I wave with the wind

And I stand with nobility

Nobody but me

In this place that I’m in

Seasons change

Leaves fall down

The air gets colder

I don’t change

I just grow taller as I get older

I could build you a house

You could come cut me down

Live there forever

Or maybe

I could stay in the glades

You could lay in my shade

We could to stay there together

People change

Life goes on

It happens so fast

But I don’t change

Every drop of my future tastes like the past…

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