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Mirror after mirror after mirror…

Tantric teachings suggest that in this human experience, illusion is much easier to access and thus “understand” than truth, dissolving into the oneness of loving awareness.

Tantric practices bring us into the present moment where only here and now exist, and from that space, we have the capacity to know non-duality and to witness the illusion that is separation.

When practiced regularly in Devotion, we gain access to Truth and return to presence while simultaneously accessing the physical and energetic sensations of the body and the human desire to be unique.

Grandiosity, competition, judgment, offense, and desire dissolve in this space, and in the same breath, they are honored for the purpose they provide.

The desire to be seen, heard, and understood by many is replaced with the essence of Being and what it might look like to arrive in relationship with another out of pure, untethered presence.

What is available when we dissolve in and through one another?

Mirror after mirror after mirror…

sensation after sensation after sensation…

opportunity after opportunity after opportunity….

outcome released…

the full spectrum of light realized.

Infinite possibility is revealed as we continuously arrive fresh and new, having passed through the portal of connection

only to Dive in again, both terrified and excited to know more.

To each portal…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I get to experience you, and for that, I am grateful.

With Divine Love & Presence,



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