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Infinite possibility lies before me and I receive.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- Carl Jung

Vulnerability rises this morning.

One expression of my journey.

Healing has many faces,

many energy sources,

many manifestations.

This is one of mine.

It is not “pretty” or “put together” but darling the trophy is not mine…

in fact I hand it over to you in deep love.

This is too raw to be dressed in white.

This is snotty tissues and sweaty hair.

It’s raging until there is nothing left to expel.

This is primal.

There is no pretending here.

Ego disrobed.

The act falls away.

I am revealed.

This cannot be sugar-coated-in possessions or titles.

A vulnerability that rejects purity.

This is infinite support.

Unconditional love.





This is where clarity brings forward accountability

and forgiveness flows in.

Where stories fall away

and I meet myself once again.

I am the medicine

and so are you.

My healing is your healing,

It is my gift

through me, it ripples into the collective.

After this moment came blessings, laughter, song, and dance.

I am grateful for every moment,

every shade of the multidimensional being that is me,

every emotion that comes to the light.

A rainbow.

A promise.

I am truth.

I am love.

I am healed and healing.

I am all.

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