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I see you. And the view is stunning.

The Arrival

Deepening into Tantric practice is allowing me practice loving the friction of resistance and the utter bliss of surrender.

I’m not simply speaking to the act of making love my friends.

I am speaking to allowing the experience of this life to fully open us to receive in every shade that arrives.

I’m speaking to building strong foundations of truth. To serving the underserved. To building community for the pure purpose of support and connection.

To releasing the expectation of profit and acknowledgment.

To allowing abundance to unfold in its most natural state.

To loving the land as deeply as we love ourselves. To honoring the directions, seasons, the moon that pulls our tides, the sun that warms our mornings. To this realm. Here and now.

To the depth of honor and integrity.

To embracing the dark stillness of process.

In the words of my dear sister @_quantumq “The word Depression untangled translates to Deep Rest”

Depressed • Deep Rest

Can you lean into its stillness?

Listen closely for its messages are Divine.

And on the other side of this wisdom a glimmer arrives

We dance


Taste the tastes, smell the smells, feel the feels, hear the songs, see the infinite vision of all.



Surrender to the making of sweet sweet love.

Our newly shed scales emerge new… and the light reveals a new spectrum of color before us.

I have arrived.

Here now on the other side and I will keep reminding you dear brothers and sisters…

You are the medicine.



You hold the truth you seek.

I see you…

beyond the performative human tendency….

I see you.

And the view is stunning.

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