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I invite you into the softness of this life.

Subtle violence

The nuance of war

Masked in boundaries.

Left unobserved they can destroy your relationships from the inside out.

Wrapped up in self riteous story.

Tied up with pretty bow that lacks any real self reflection or accountability.

All the reasons we can justify our actions.

The shades of shadow we refuse to see and therefore accept in love.

True ego death leaves us naked in the mud.

And then it meets our edge in pure bliss.

It leaves us no other choice but connection.

And then beyond connection we merge.

Into oneness.

Our only option is surrender.

The truth is that it is often in perfect bliss of oneness with all.

Nothing before an nothing after.

When we have shed every story that is us…

Death takes us

Bliss makes love to us


In birth we emerge

The story floods back in.

It’s essence clearer and wisdom deeper.

The impossibility of separateness becomes slightly more tangible.

A recalibration of sorts.

The clarity of fear fueled division is met with loving awareness and compassion.

We see clearly and listen closely.

The need to be prepared to put up our next boundary, to protect ourselves from that next threat, to close and harden awaiting our next competition falls away.

I invite you into the softness of this life.

To be met in love rather than wound.

There is no need to stay ready. To grind and race your way to the top of the mountain. The expansive trails of life weave a tapestry of wholeness that is magnificent and stunning beyond imagination.

An invitation to allow. Simply Allow.

Radical truth and accountability can be a bitter and sharp medicine and my friends it can be sweet and soft as well. Just like death. All. Whole. I honor you.

Life is beautiful.

I love you.

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