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For we are relational beings and it is in relationship that we learn.

We have the opportunity to access new information, deeper truth, and more aligned patterns.

We have the opportunity to challenge deeply rooted ideas that were developed in wounded experiences often in the name of safety.

We have the opportunity to expand.

I’ve been delving into my 1:1 client Tantric experiences by opening the possibility that our co-dependent behaviors and victimhood mindset while serving us in the Exodus period, could fall away in the Healing period of our journey.

There is a time and place for every, energy, emotion, and story…

The invitation here is to allow these aspects to move through.

To serve and fall away allowing for new truth and story to meet us.

The bridge.

The journey to empowerment and wholeness requires a variety of expressions to pass through us. It asks us to be open to changing our ideas, patterns, and judgments.

This is the work of the feminine.

Raw, fluid, and fully expressed.

And yet it has been the healing of our relationship with the masculine that this has come fully into embodiment.

It has been in the safe container of trusting our own truth and integrity that we attract a man who will meet us in that same energy.

And in this beautiful container that we step fully into even greater expansion…

For we are relational beings and it is in relationship that we learn.

The ability to truly self-reflect and find stillness in the presence of density, tension, and resistance in our relationships.

To stop reaching outside for validation, attention, evidence that we are right, feeding our ego, and stunting our growth and get clear on the truth of the heart which only expands as we remain open to knowing more.

To access observation.

The eagle-eye view.

And instead of digging my heels in, I find myself able to expand in my truth through deeply felt time and space and conscious communication.

Integrity is medicine to the heart, my friends.

Truth is the salve to the soul.

I am listening.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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