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Embodied Reciprocity

Reciprocity embodied…

It is my firm yet expansive belief that the truest component of manifestation is rooted in reciprocity.

We miss this so often in the rhetoric of western manifestation practice…

What we fail to see is the forests of palo santo

Tropical dry forests are being decimated in the name of clearing “bad energies” or for the simple purpose of bumping up the like count on your IG shares…

Let’s pause here for a moment while I raise a hand and say me too…

I have an entire box of Palo Santo I bought from early this year and I’ve utilized this beautiful resource in the name of aesthetic. The lens is not that of judgment and only that of realization and observation.


As I become more and more in touch and communication with the plant and organic medicine of this earth. Truth is continuously revealed. What I am not saying is never use Palo Santo. What I am saying is this is an invitation to take a moment when you call in any given thing to your vibration take into account the reciprocity to the land and people that it is sourced from.

Again this is not a lecture or scolding.

It is an invitation to pause, listen, notice and consider a new way…

A path to a new world where we request instead of demand and we honor the source through Divine reciprocity.

No, I am not calling you out.

I am calling forward the idea that manifestation is a mutual affair.

That any beautiful physical blessing that arrives has a source and so often these sources go unrecognized and often even abused…

Again we have the opportunity to take a birds-eye view and

to access Source energy.

To see your new shoes, new car, new phone, new thing… through the lens of reciprocity…

Where it was made, what was sacrificed to source it, and how might support those people and that land in deeply rooted reverence and reciprocity.

I believe this is the path to the healing of this world my friends for I resist this idea of escaping the here and now…

To sustain this beautiful planet and all of her fruitful gifts.

To honor her people and the resources of their lands.

Here I sit hands open. Heart Open.

An invitation.

And I offer you in return an option to utilize sound to clear space.

The instrument called Tingsha - Sonic Sage to clear space with beautiful intention and significantly less impact to the earth and her offerings. The power of vibration is known, measurable, infinite, and felt.

This idea is simply that, an idea. An offering forward. An intentional consideration.

Deeply rooted in reciprocity.

I honor you. I honor your unique expression.

Thank you for hearing and seeing me.


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