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Always through Tobacco

Tobacco was given to us as a gift to communicate with the spirit world.

A delivery of prayers for ourselves and the world and an activator of all other plant spirits. Offerings of tobacco upon the sunrise call in the day.

My Grandfather and I had a very special bond. He was the most formative consistent masculine presence in my life. My love for him ran deep and continues on even after his passing. He loved tobacco. He would smoke its fragrant leaves through beautiful pipes and I will never forget that smell. It smelled like family. Like home. Like the safety.

And so as I come into a deeper relationship with the spirit of Tobacco it is no wonder its essence feels so familiar. The energy of the masculine. Calm presence. Strong and safe. I see tobacco as the bridge forged by the masculine creating a pathway to and for the feminine. Strengthening and protecting this vital connection. A link connecting us to unseen realms. An amplifier of intention and an elevator of prayer.

For this connection. For a veil further lifted. For nostalgia and memories. For clarity in unending love for the mountain man that is my Grandfather and his love for me. I am infinitely grateful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


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