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Samkhya is one of the six classical schools of Indian philosophy
and is known for its systematic approach to understanding the nature of reality,
the universe, and the individual's relationship to it.

It provides a comprehensive framework for
explaining the fundamental aspects of existence.

Samkhya Philosophy of Creation (Infographic) (2000 × 2000 px).png

is unmanifested, formless, passive, beyond attributes,

beyond cause and effect, space and time.

Purusha is Pure Existence.

is the creative force of action, the Source of form,

manifestation, attributes, and nature.

is the Cosmic Intelligence of Buddhi.

is ego, the sense of "I am".

is stability, our aspect, awakening essence, and light.

is dynamic movement.

is static.

It is potential energy, inertia, darkness, ingornace and matter.

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