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Wild Like Service

offering Fluidity to Density

Weekly Tantric Kriya Flow Class
at Buddha Bella Healing Center


Wednesday Evenings
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

7575 North 16th St., Suite 33

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Tel: 602.607.5126


Merging the wisdom of traditional Tantra, Kriya, pranic breath practices, mudra, and mantra into presence.

An invitation to listen to the sensation of the body through both
movement and stillness. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Wild Like Sensation

Studio Kriya Journey Offerings

Transformative Breath, Chanting, Mudra, Mantra

Every Wednesday 6pm 

at Buddha Bella Healing Center

 7575 N 16th St Suite 33

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Wild Like Pranayama

Embodied Breath

Breath, Sound, Healing Touch

Using breath as a tool to go into expanded states.


Prana, life force, breath has the ability to alter your consciousness, calm your physical body, and still the mental chatter of your mind.


We do this through Deep Breathing, Powerful Music, & Healing Touch.

Within each one of us resides our inner healer, higher consciousness, and wisdom that knows how to heal and how to transform.


Wild Like Presence

Himalayan Kriya Meditation

a journey of self-discovery and spiritual Practice

Discover "Cultivating Presence with Himalayan Kriya Meditation" - a transformative 90-day journey to connect with your true self and the divine.


Explore origins, Japa Mala, Drishti, chakras, mantra, and the five phases of Himalayan Kriya Meditation.


Receive a unique meditation scarf and Mala

from Rishikesh, India.


Enjoy personal meetings and custom mantras. Unleash inner wisdom and elevate your consciousness.

Sopla & Sound

Mapacho links the material and supernatural worlds in a very real way, through the mysterious, barely tangible medium of smoke, which makes the breath visible. Smoking tobacco is a magical alchemical act created by the union of air and fire.

Tobacco smoke is said to be the ideal sustenance of the spirits, who crave its intensity. Only humans can offer them this precious substance, and this creates a powerful symbiotic relationship: sacred smoke in exchange for supernatural protection. In this way, tobacco connects the human world with the spirit world, amplifying our prayers.

In working with Mapacho, we assimilate its strength, and it becomes an ally. It nourishes the physical and energetic bodies by warming them, cleaning and straightening the channels, and removing obstacles and blocks. It's smoke envelopes and protects the body, bringing alertness and decisiveness.

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