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90 Day Himalayan Meditation Container

Deepen Your Meditation Practice

About This Powerful Meditation Practice

This offering is meant to develop your daily Sadhana (realization, conscious discipline, and practice of meditation).

In our initial 1 hour session, I will teach you the process of Himalayan Kriya Meditation and we will sit a practice each wave together.

Himalayan Kriya Meditation is comprised of 5 waves:

Breathwork, Kriya, Mantra, Silent Witness, and Bowing

This meditation technique utilizes a Japa Mala (108 prayers beads). Your Japa Mala comes directly from India dipped in the Ganges river and made by an incredible man, Shyam, local to Rishikesh India. This tool is integral to this meditation technique. 

A New Mantra will be provided every 21 days along with a 30-minute phone or in-person session to check in, answer questions, connect and reflect. 

(Total of 4 meditation mantras)

A Meditation and Kriya guide with instructions in paper, email, and text form is provided. This guide will be renewed with each new Mantra given. 

Accountability and Connection:

Daily check-in by text: one word daily after each meditation for connection and accountability. 

Japa Mala

Japa: the act/karma of constant, continuous and consistent repetition of a mantra .

A Japa Mala is a string of beads (semi-precious stones, seeds, woods etc.) for maintaining a discipline of the number of repetitions of a mantra as well as to allow the beads to become a catalyst for the mantric vibrations to become alive.

The sole purpose of this mala is to create a loop of specific mantra energy within it and locking it in the Sumeru (the first and the bigger bead of the mala). Japa is the purification of the thought waves (chitta vritti) and emotional waves (mano vritts) of the mind for the sake of maintain a peaceful mind and a joyful heart. It is also done for the purpose of attaining the state of Yoga.

Yoga: to join, to yoke, to unite


Kriya: action that leads us to evolution, expansion, and liberation.

 In Sanskrit, "Kri" means "action, to do;" and "ya" is another name for "Atman," or Soul.

Kriya combines breath techniques, mudra (hand gestures), mantra (meaningful chants), and repetitive movement to generate energy movement within the body. 

The purpose of Kriya is to get access to deeper states of shunya, or unity consciousness.

Kriya allows us to activate our Prana (breath) to heat and cool the body from the inside out. To play in the realm of the subconscious, bypassing the prefrontal cortex and balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

This practice has the capacity to transform you into a conduit for energy. Stimulating creativity, growth, and expansion. 

It is my belief that there is no "good" or "bad" energy only flowing energy and stagnant energy. A healthy body, mind, and soul are in a flow state. The practice of Kriya facilitates this state. 

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