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You are invited into the powerful presence of

Embodied Breath and Meditation.

During this 2 hour event, I will walk you through the process of a number of deep breathing exercises attuned to music that will allow you to navigate the energetic currents in your body.
You will have the opportunity to meet, navigate and become curious about your Pranic (life force energy) Body.
The signature qualities of a strong pranic body are high levels of energy, vibrancy, and vitality. This body is our connection with the infinite, and the life within each of us.
Following this powerful practice of breath, we will lean into a deep meditation practice facilitated by sound frequencies that are shown to shift negative thought and behavioral patterns and bring you into a state of peace, empowerment, and freedom.

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Embodied Breathwork is one of the most powerful ways to release dense energy from our nervous systems.
This allows us to liberate ourselves from lifetimes of perceived stories, and clear the space in the sub conscience to unlock the infinite possibility available within. 
It is a safe space where we can....
Breathe life into places we have buried and avoided and let go of subconscious beliefs that have kept us in an endless loop of habits and responses that no longer serve us.

Access altered states of consciousness, reconnect to our inner wisdom, embody more peace, gratitude, joy, laughter, and confidence. .
This is where expansion is inspired.

This is where we take our power back 

Access Altered States of Consciousness Through Breath


Embodied Somatic Breathwork is an extremely potent way to release dense energy that has been stored deep within our nervous systems often for lifetimes.

This is a way to get high on our own supply. This type of breathwork allows us to access altered states of consciousness and tap into our Divinity and true primal power within. 

This form of breathwork honors and blends the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions with the emerging new paradigm methods of healing and teaching. In this sense, it functions as a bridge between the past and future, utilizing the best of both worlds in holistically transforming body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

Breathing deeply activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which decreases your heart rate and blood pressure, creating a sense of inner peace, calm, and harmony.

In today's world of chronic stress, our bodies are used to releasing a surge of hormones under the fight or flight response, which puts us in a prolonged state of hypervigilance. Breathwork is a powerful modality that can reset the system and help us to relax a turbulent mind.

One participant of this offering stated:

With each breath, I could feel the shackles of judgment I put on myself being released. So many shifts, moments of tears, laughter, and an amazing connection to my higher self.”

- Al Zabala
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