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The Carrier of Prana

With experience in many breathwork techniques including Kriya Yogic Breath, Holotropic Breathwork, Tantric Breath, and Connected Breath, I am passionate about sharing the practice of breath to move energy in the body.

My guided offerings of breath are often fused with the powerful facilitation of sound meditation, eye gazing, and ecstatic dance.  


Tantric Kriya Yoga

Kri: "action,  to do"    ya: "Atman or Soul"
Designed to create a specific

Evolutionary Response

Kriya Yoga is an ancient technique brought to the West by Paramhansa Yogananda with the intent to teach others to the possibility of having a direct intuitive experience with the

Divine as our own true Self.

When integrated in Yogic practices

 Sattva Kriya Yoga Journeys offer you tools and techniques to address

and transform all 5 layers (Koshas) of the human body.

Annamaya Kosha

(outermost layer, body of food,muscular-skeletal structure with other organ systems),

Pranamaya Kosha

(Body of Energy, subtle energetic flows within and without).

Manamaya Kosha

(body of thought, feelings, and emotion),

Vijnanamaya Kosha

(body of belief systems, conditioning, and innate wisdom) ,


Anandmaya Kosha

( body of bliss, love, connection, silence) .

Aligning all the layers of your being.

Kriya Yoga  integrates breathwork that absolutely lights up my soul and completely changed my life. This powerful practice burns through the karmic energies of the body, calms the nervous system, activates creativity, and balances the Chakra centers. Utilizing meditation, breath, mudra, mantra, ecstatic dance, and eye gazing. 

I have several Kriya Yoga Journey offerings available in group class form, small semi-private offerings, and private offerings. 

Book a Discovery Call to learn more.

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