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About Holly

Holly Bennett-Judson, RN BSN, has been a practicing provider for over 15 years. She has specialized in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, end-of-life issues, and trauma-informed care. Her approach brings empathy, an easygoing yet professional communication style, the presence and listening skills to hold space for challenging experiences and topics, and light open-heartedness to allow her clients to feel at ease. In addition to her ability to navigate the challenges of this human experience, she is passionate about practices and opportunities that bring joyful awareness, understanding of the infinite potential available to us, and an abundant growth mindset into our daily lives.


Holly is passionate about providing information and education to bridge the science of mind and body with the sacred technology of the soul and Being.


Her approach is similar to the way she lives her life: observing and decluttering negative thoughts and feelings, she is dedicated to trusting the process, allowing for full expression, creativity, and possibility, and remaining curious and open to what is available through the process of this opportunity to be human.


Holly has been studying and has utilized integrative yoga practices, psychotherapy, personal development, psychedelics, connection, and community for the past decade to completely change her life and significantly impact the lives of others. She has spent time in India studying ancient meditation and breath practices meant to ground and process her experiences with entheogenic medicines, and having a rich mastery of this technology has taken this knowledge to her clients as tools to peek through the lens of their own potential as well. 


Her experience facilitating mind-expanding medicines utilizes a fusion of psychology and subtle body wisdom to promote the wholeness available in all of us. Holly brings the wisdom and knowledge of over 3 years of facilitation experience, and in understanding, there is always more to learn; she has completed and is dedicated to continued education in both the physical and psychological aspects of offering these powerful tools of transformation to her clients.


The healing industry follows the trend, and Holly is an anchor for what is available when safe trauma-informed care is provided in a present and abundant container with the intention of growth and connection. 

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