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wild like holly

About Holly

I have been a student of Yoga for over a decade now and this journey led me all the way across the world to India and straight back to the home of my own heart.


I am a student of Sattva Kriya Yoga, Yin  Yoga, Kriya Meditation Journeys, Holotropic Breathwork. I have extensive training in a variety of modalities to guide others through the integration process. I often utilize practices such as ecstatic dance, mirror work, eye gazing, primal sound, breath-work, art, writing cues, guided meditation, and stillness to bring downloads into tangible life-changing action and wisdom. 


I have a keen understanding of the body, mind, and soul as a Registered nurse with over 15 years of experience. I am currently practicing at Advanced Wellness and Pain, supporting clients through IV Ketamine treatments, including preparation and integration. Walking my patients through emotional expression, holistic treatments, breath, connection, and journey processing. This calling has opened my heart and utilized my gifts in ways I never knew were possible.


I am a seeker of wisdom, holistic healing, primal knowledge, and embodied living. My daily practices include meditation, clearing ceremony, honoring cycles of the moon and my body, and surrendering to the flow-through art. I am a lover of cold plunges, sauna, and red light therapy. Nature is both my muse and the Divine that I celebrate.


Hot springs and mountain lakes make my heart sing.

The most powerful tool I've come to learn from my time with wise souls, elders, plant medicine, and teachers is how to say

thank you. To all. For all.

I am not here to heal you. Only you can heal yourself. I am here to walk next to you and remind you that you are powerful. That you can do hard things. To lean into wholeness. To explore your subtle body. Soothe your nervous system. And invite you to open your heart. To navigate the dark corners of your being and to practice curiosity in discomfort. And to bask in the light of your own being.

Welcome, I am honored to witness your journey.

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