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That is the power of ceremony. It marries the sacred to the mundane.

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Weekly Tantric Kriya Flow Class
at Buddha Bella Healing Center


Wednesday Evenings
6:00 pm - 7:15pm

7575 North 16th St., Suite 33

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Tel: 602.607.5126

Merging the wisdom of traditional Tantra, Kriya, pranic breath practices, mudra, and mantra into presence.
An invitation to listen to the sensation of the body through both movement and stillness. 

Private & Group Offerings


Sound Ceremony

Connection with Vibration


Embodied Breath

Inspiring Energetic Expression


Kriya Meditation & Movement

Breath, Movement, Activation


Polarity Guided Womb Meditations

Bridging Womb and Spirit


I am not here to heal you. Only you can heal you. I am here to walk next to you and remind you that you are powerful. I am here to remind you that you can do hard things. I am here to remind you to lean into wholeness, to explore your subtle body, to soothe your nervous system.  I invite you to open your heart, to navigate the dark corners of your being, and to practice curiosity in discomfort and bask in the light of your own being.

Welcome. I am honored to witness your journey. 



A powerful experience as she blends the senses. Holly creates space for every shade of me to come through. I left our session with wisdom found within.  I am grateful for the gifts she shares. If you are integrating any experience Holly has the tools and vibration to guide you back to your wisdom and knowledge. I feel new and at peace and I highly recommend a session with her.


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